• PE in Term 3
  • PE in Term 3
  • PE in Term 3
  • PE in Term 3

Physical Education:

PE in Term 3

Year 8

This term for PE Year 8C focused on two subjects, gymnastics and dance. We did dance first and we formed mixed groups and had to choose our own song and come up with our own dance routine. We had to perform it in front of the whole class. My group came equal first. My group consisted of Maddie Rotar, Anna Van Vliet, Nick Williams, Josh Mulder and myself. After dance we started gymnastics where we went to Dolphin Gymnastics centre in Carrum Downs. We went through lots of fun activities and got to use all the equipment there. We also spent 1 session at Bounce Trampoline Centre doing lots of fun and exciting activities.

Tom McDermott

Year 9

This term in PE, the year 9’s have been working on non-traditional sports, such as Gaelic football and handball. Learning these games has been a fun and educational way of learning about some less advertised sports and having a go at something new and more out of the ordinary. For example, handball is a fast-moving ball game, similar to netball, but with different rules and regulations. The ball is about half the size of a netball and is bouncy like a basketball. The game moves very quickly from end to end of the court and it requires a lot of teamwork skills if you are going to have any chance of scoring a goal. Gaelic football on the other hand is a cross between soccer and football. With a bouncy, soccer type ball, when the ball is in the air, the game is played with football rules and when the ball is on the ground, it’s played with soccer rules. Gaelic football is another teamwork sport that requires a lot of it to score.

These sports and the others we had tried have been lots of fun and a great eye opener to other sports, than just the usual footy, soccer, netball, etc.

Tess Runting

Year 10

In Physical Education this term we have finished off our Training Programs, where we had to get into groups of two and working to each other’s abilities and goals and create a training program for each other. Each week we would do the training program in class and at home. To do this takes commitment and dedication to improving and maintaining our fitness. We also had to do assessments like the beep test, sit and reach test and whatever you were trying to improve on from your results at the start of the task. To end the Training Program we did self-assessments on how we think we did and could do better, aiming to do this by yourself within your own time.

After completing the Training Program we moved onto Teen Health Issues, looking at the types of teen issues that appealed to the class and turning what we researched into debates or presentations. Some of the types of issues that were looked at were: drugs in sport, how media and video games influences young people, sun tanning, and much more. Watching and researching these issues just make you realise how much is really going on with health within our lives.

Sam Bird